What has been my writing inspiration? Well, these are just a few of them. But it’s probably not what you’re expecting. That’s because many of my influences come in the form of music, not literature, particularly the famous Italian Jazz Standards and Gospel. Music is a fundamental part of my life, and it shows through in everything I do, including writing poetry.  If you haven’t before, I hope you’ll check these artists and books out!


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(Click the links to view).Harry Connick Jr. – Only You. A standard in modern jazz pop.

Dean Martin – Dino The Essential. The “coolest” of classic Italian-American music.

Louis Prima – Capital Collectors Series. Classic Italian-American music with a twist.

Fred Hammond – Pages of Life. A standard in modern gospel music.

Holy Bible – Psalms of David. Poetry that is still relevant after thousands of years.

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Photo by Naqi Shahid on Unsplash.