Short Poems, Writing Tips & Featured Blogs

Short Poems, Writing Tips & Featured Blogs.

What is life? Cold? Boring? Empty? Just a series of black and white modes with no sound or rhythm?

Or is life LOUD? Full of Vibrancy and Color? But also Quiet, with Ups – Downs – Honesty – Fakeness – Beauty – Ugliness – Love – Hate – REALITY!?  Now that’s life.

And that’s The Poetry About Us. This is real life. This literally is the poetry about us, and everything we go through.

But this is not just poetry. This is your one-stop poetry website. There are three main parts to this blog: Short Poems, Writing Tips, and Featured Blogs.

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Welcome to The Poetry About Us. Short Poems, Writing Tips, & Featured Blogs.

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Below, I hope you look at some of my recent posts as well as my archives.

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Short Poems, Writing Tips & Featured Blogs
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