What are the best channels for poem YouTube videos?

That is an important question. But first, we must answer this question:

What’s so important about poem YouTube videos?

There are three main things:


We’re not always able to stop, sit down, and read new poetry. But we, generally, have much more time to listen to poetry while we are doing something else.

Market Dominance.

While there may be other [seemingly] more scholarly sources to access audio forms of poetry, they don’t compare to the huge numbers of active users and viewership on Youtube,

Easy Start-Up.

This last point is just the obvious: How much easier it is for a new creator to put their content on Youtube (as opposed to something like Amazon/Audible).

Now, to establish which channels would be the best.

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I made three simple guidelines:


Are the videos uploaded in a way that shows time and effort were put unto making them?

General Appeal.

Can a general audience make use of or enjoy the poetry on the channel? If the poetry is particularly vulgar or offensive, it’s an easy one to scratch off the list.

Regular Updates.

This is pretty straightforward. But is the channel continuously putting out content on a regular basis, or does it just have a bunch of videos from ten years ago?

Drumroll, please.

So which channels made my list? None of them. That’s right, in all my searching, I didn’t find a single channel to make my list of the best poem YouTube video channels. The main problems I found was that either the video quality was not good enough to make a top list, or the content was too vulgar/offensive.

So where do we go from here?

I leave the ball in my readers court. If you feel you have the skills to make an awesome poem YouTube video channel, then now is your chance. And this is a living article, meaning that if I do start to find channels that I feel are worthy to be the best, I’ll add them to this. Until then, we just wait.

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First, in this Jeremy Fragrance Interview, I want to let you know that you can find Jeremy by clicking on the links below:


Let’s start off by saying…

This is not what you’re expecting. Today we are looking at a special, exclusive Jeremy Fragrance Interview, the number one fragrance Youtuber and video blogger. What do fragrances and poetry have in common? And what advice does Jeremy Fragrance have for fellow bloggers? Read below to find out.

Jeremy FRagrance Interview | September 5, 2018.

What to choose?

Joey: Let’s start off with the obvious question: What are the best fragrances for poets, men and women, and why?

Jeremy: I say some nice Whiskey and Smokey Tobacco Fragrances. Creates an atmosphere of an Oldschool Gentleman that thinks about life and what he has seen in life. Good example: Lord George by Penhaligons.

Joey: Great answer! I was not expecting that. I have one of my favorites that would fit that category perfectly: CH Man Prive [see below for links to these fragrances].

Big News!

Joey: So you’ll coming out with your own specially designed fragrance that will be for sale in the near future. Do you have any specific, “poetic” tag lines in mind for the promotion of your new fragrance?

Jeremy: No we keep it very strict simply efficient, we don’t do much on logos or fancy poetry lines all we want to do is to help people smell absolutely modern, very sexy, long lasting and save them time with the trust in our brand.

Joey: That’s one reason people like your blog. You keep it straight to the point and show what’s the best of the best and why.

Jeremy Fragrance, Interview, youtube, blog
Jeremy Fragrance © 2018.

Exciting Readers.

Joey: Now, when you’re creating your videos, you’re doing something that is actually quite similar to what we do with poetry. You stand up in front of a mic and speak out words; words that are designed to create excitement and emotion in your viewers. So what tips would you have for us poets in creating that same sort of excitement and emotion inside the readers?

Jeremy: Speak with your heart, which is hard these days.

Joey: Yes, that’s very true. There’s is so much expectation on how something should be that it’s hard to break the habit and be yourself or represent the true vision you have.

Blogging Tips.

Joey: Nonetheless, you have such a successful video blog – the top of your genre. So what one tip would you give to fellow bloggers who want help growing their blogs?

Jeremy: I made it my way, I wasn’t happy with the current market situation and did it how I wanted to see it as an end consumer. you can take this every market and business idea, this mindset.

Joey: Great points. Always think as the end consumer. When being creative, like writing a poetry blog, you don’t necessarily want to stop and realize that what you are doing is also, in many ways, like a business. And you need to think about how what your creating is reaching the end consumer. I also really like that you said “I made it my way.” You didn’t let outside forces or pressures, or just the way everyone else was doing it, stop you from doing it the way you thought it should be done.

Final Question of the Jeremy Fragrance Interview.

Joey: So now, one final question. What song or poem, lyrically, has really touched you the most and why?

Jeremy: A song by the Western Star who sang I hurt myself today, you feel every sentence he sings from his heart. its johnny cash.

Joey: Right, great song. The key words to what you just said are “you feel every sentence he sings from his heart.” If our readers could feel our hearts in every sentence we write, I’d say we’ve become a success at poetry. Thank you for being here with us, Jeremy.

Thank You!

I want to give a special thanks to Jeremy Fragrance. Again, if you’ve never checked out his YouTube channel before, then click here to get all the advice you need on the best fragrances. I have gotten a lot of tips from him and now I literally have an image among my peers as someone who always knows how to smell great. Also, be sure find Jeremy on Facebook and on his own website, http://www.jeremyfragrance.com. And to stay tuned for the release of his very own fragrance line.

If you are interested in the fragrances mentioned, click here to find CH Man Prive and click here to find Lord George.

Thanks again for checking out this special Jeremy Fragrance Interview. If you’re new to my blog, be sure to out check out my homepage, https://thepoetryaboutus.com/, where I regularly post on the best in love and life.

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