mountains feet

Mountains’ Feet | Short Poem No. 50

At the mountains’ feet,
man came to build them a shoe;
that is, a horseshoe.

Friends, this is probably my third or fourth attempt at Haiku. As you can probably tell, I am still learning – trying to mix in traditional techniques/rules, but with my own touch. I want to keep challenging myself, while not confining my own creativity.

If you liked this post, also check out a great set of Haikus with a beautiful dedication, “Haiku: For Rachel” by Whippet Wisdom, as well as my previous Haiku about love, “Delicate Flowers.”

Photo by Zachary Kyra-Derksen on Unsplash.

© Joey Blue and, 2019. All rights reserved.

mountains feet


    1. Hello, sir. I wish I could take credit, but please see the note that the photo was taken by Zachary Kyra-Derksen on Unsplash. He doesn’t comment on what camera he uses. But I agree, the clouds are amazing. Looks like he took it in Canada.

  1. Superb haiku, in my opinion. I love to write haiku and like you, I like the words to reflect my own creativity and not necessarily follow what is perceived as the norm.

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