How to Pick a New Perfume or Cologne

How to Pick a New Perfume or Cologne

How to Pick a New Perfume or Cologne!

How to Pick a New Perfume or Cologne
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This article is going to show you how to pick a new perfume or cologne! In the words of Brooklyn Fragrance Lover (see below), “I’m going to keep this short and sweet.” I’ve spent quite a while trying to find the right cologne for myself, testing and purchasing (a lot!) and these are some tips that I have learned over the years.

1. Find the Right Inspiration.

A key part to smelling good is finding a fragrance that is cool and modern. You do not want to smell like you are wearing something old fashioned, or just plain overdone. One of the easiest ways to find a good, new fragrance is to check out some of the fragrance reviewers on YouTube! I listed some of my favorites for you here below:

Jeremy Fragrance

(Click here to read my exclusive interview with Jeremy Fragrance)

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover

Demi Rawling

2. Check Performance at

You don’t just want to smell good, you want people to be able to smell you as well, and smell you all day. This comes down to performance – longevity and sillage. The best way to find how well your fragrance performs is to look it up on I only choose fragrances that have been been voted by a majority of people as “long-lasting” longevity and “moderate” to “heavy” sillage.

3. Spray on Your Skin.

The fragrance needs to not only smell well, but smell well ON YOU. Just spray some on your skin and let it totally dry. How does it smell? If you don’t LOVE it, move on.

4. Look in the Mirror.

A perfume or cologne may smell great, even on your skin. But does it match your look, style, and personality? When you are testing how a fragrance smells, stop and look in the mirror when you smell it. Does it smell like something that a person who looks like you would wear?

How to Pick a New Perfume or Cologne
(Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash)

5. Bring Someone with You.

A second opinion can be the most important thing you can get. That’s because another person will get a totally outside perspective of you. They can see the full picture of how you look and smell, as well as having a more unbiased opinion of yourself.

To sum up. . .

I hope you found this article useful! It is short and sweet. The most important things are that you (1) pick a perfume or cologne that is cool and MODERN, (2) performs well, and (3) one that not only smells good, but MATCHES YOU.

If you liked this article, I also recommend that you check out this great article about storing your fragrances, “How I Store my Makeup & Perfume” by ALYSSA AMBER.

P.S. Buying online is very risky due to the huge amount of counterfeit and/or old perfumes and colognes floating around. Only buy from a seller that you know you can trust (that includes physical stores as well)!

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