Hidden Tears Left to Cry

Hidden Tears Left to Cry | Short Poem No. 31

We all have hidden tears left to cry.

I see you coming with rain drops in your hair.

Your eyes are weighed down with every single care.

But your walls are so high, you won’t let anyone dare

to come in, so I just watch afar with a prayer.

Hidden tears left to cry, cry them on my shoulder.

We say, “Hi,” and we talk for a moment.

But what did we say that, except for just a fragment

of meaningfulness, like a dance in a movement,

spinning around this pain that feels permanent.

Hidden tears left to cry, cry them on my shoulder.

Hidden Tears Left to Cry

I can see it so clear when I look in your eye,

the life that is lost when you let out your sigh.

And you walk away from me, feeling you’ll die

if you stay, or maybe you’ll just cry.

Hidden tears left to cry, cry them on my shoulder.

You’re so close, yet just beyond reach,

so I write you this letter that I’ll always keep.

But in my dreams, you read it and when we meet

and it will be beautiful to see.

Photo by Verne Ho on Unsplash.com.

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    1. Thanks, Dorinda. That’s one of the biggest things you learn on these sites. None of us are alone.

    1. Yes, it’s was almost instinctual. I couldn’t control it the way I normally do. I met this person in a place where and a time when I least expected it.

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