Love Hug Kiss | Short Poem No. 28

Love Hug Kiss:

The best ones come out of nowhere.

Like before work when

I’m on my way out the door.

But, before I can leave,

the bedroom opens here

and the smell of sweet

vanilla fills the air.

It’s your perfume.

And you walk out to me

with that pretty little smile,

as cute as could be.

My heart just skipped a beat.

love hug kiss

Why do you always make me

love you  like this?

when you put your arms around me

and talk to me like that?

How can I not wrap you

back up in my own arms?

Work will have to wait;

a quick kiss has no harm.

Your lipstick didn’t last

long on your lips.

And when work finishes,

I’m rushing home quick.

Photo by xavier pearson on Unsplash.

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© Joey Blue and, 2018. All rights reserved.


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