Depression Test | Short Poem No. 27

This is the depression test.

Sometimes my mind takes me

to dark places.

I’m the only one there.

It’s cold and grey

and it tortures and tortures me

until my heart disappears

and there’s nothing left.

I wish I was like him, or him,

or her, or her.

But no, welcome back,

my old friend.

We first met in a dream.

I walked down that long hall.

depression test

But the hall never ended.

It just became eternal

and dark. And void.

Since then, you’ve always been

here with me,

this demonic oblivion,

my best friend.

You know me inside and out

and you poison me

with your lonely torture.

We’re in hell.

And you push me over the edge.

Push me over the edge

until it’s over.

Now, God, walk with me

through this pain.

If you won’t take it away,

press Your mighty hand against my back

and turn this pain to strength

until I look my enemy in the eyes

and step on its grave.

*This is not a depression test. The depression is the test.

Photo by Michael Jasmund on Unsplash.

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© Joey Blue and, 2018. All rights reserved.


    1. Thanks I’m glad you like it. I simply was just parked in the mall parking lot and wrote what I was feeling, as I felt it.

      1. WOW, that’s amazing…sometimes haiku will strike me when I’m standing at the intersection waiting to cross, haha! We’ll take our inspiration wherever it comes, right? 🙂

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