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What are the best channels for poem YouTube videos?

That is an important question. But first, we must answer this question:

What’s so important about poem YouTube videos?

There are three main things:


We’re not always able to stop, sit down, and read new poetry. But we, generally, have much more time to listen to poetry while we are doing something else.

Market Dominance.

While there may be other [seemingly] more scholarly sources to access audio forms of poetry, they don’t compare to the huge numbers of active users and viewership on Youtube,

Easy Start-Up.

This last point is just the obvious: How much easier it is for a new creator to put their content on Youtube (as opposed to something like Amazon/Audible).

Now, to establish which channels would be the best.

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I made three simple guidelines:


Are the videos uploaded in a way that shows time and effort were put unto making them?

General Appeal.

Can a general audience make use of or enjoy the poetry on the channel? If the poetry is particularly vulgar or offensive, it’s an easy one to scratch off the list.

Regular Updates.

This is pretty straightforward. But is the channel continuously putting out content on a regular basis, or does it just have a bunch of videos from ten years ago?

Drumroll, please.

So which channels made my list? None of them. That’s right, in all my searching, I didn’t find a single channel to make my list of the best poem YouTube video channels. The main problems I found was that either the video quality was not good enough to make a top list, or the content was too vulgar/offensive.

So where do we go from here?

I leave the ball in my readers court. If you feel you have the skills to make an awesome poem YouTube video channel, then now is your chance. And this is a living article, meaning that if I do start to find channels that I feel are worthy to be the best, I’ll add them to this. Until then, we just wait.

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