How to Start a Poetry Blog | Best Tips for Beginners

Let’s Get Started. How to start a poetry blog.

Failure. Nobody likes that word. Are you looking for ideas on how to start a poetry blog? Well, I’m now on my second blog, and I’ve always enjoyed success. But I know there’s a lot of people out there wondering how to get started. So I put together my best tips for beginners on how to write a poetry blog. Be sure to check out section “3: Expand Your Base,” as that is where I see most new writers have trouble.

1: Setting Up.

A. Start on WordPress.

This is by far the most popular and easiest place to start when you want to learn how to write a poetry blog. Not only is it very easy to set up, but there is also a large community within it to help you get exposure for your blog. You can start by going to In addition, click here to watch a tutorial on how to setup a blog on WordPress from one of my favorite sources for WordPress tutorials, the Darrel Wilson YouTube channel.

B. Pick a Memorable Name.

Your name doesn’t have to be amazing or witty. Just don’t make it so complicated that people can’t remember you. Make it easy for other readers to remember and recognize you.

C. Focus on Content, Not Layout.

I have seen a lot of blogs that have become very popular while having sites that were, honestly, not that good. That’s because people are here to read your posts, not look at your site design. What I mean is, follow all of the rest of the steps here before you start focusing too much on actual site design.

2: Writing.

A. Find a poetry format that works for you.

Cracking the poetry code is an important part of how to start a poetry blog. You can make it up as you go or choose classic, structured style like Haikus or Sonnets. Click here for a great source describing different forms of poetry from “Every Writers Resource.” Click here for an example of a sonnet from my own blog (“A 14 Line Poem – Short Poem No. 13”) or click here for an example on a free-form short poem from my own blog (“Daydreaming – Short Poem No. 10).

B. Pick a word or topic to write from.

Start with an idea, or challenge yourself with a word from the dictionary. Or pick a trending topic from the daily news. If you have a word that you need help expanding into an idea, the SEO company “Yoast” provides a great website to help you (find it by clicking here).

C. Or, do the exact opposite.

Write whatever you feel until a topic comes out naturally from your words. You don’t always need guidelines or blueprints. Poetry is a personal expression, so just be you. If you try to be someone else, you’ll never be the best version of yourself.

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Don’t worry. Soon you’ll be happy with your blog – as happy as this fox!

3: Expand Your Base (Most Important Section of How to STart a Poetry Blog!!!):

A. Blogs are a Community.

Blogs are meant for interaction. So be sure to read, comment on, and follow other blogs. And when someone comments on your post, comment back! Also, find posts relevant to yours, and see who comments on them. Those are the king of bloggers you want to connect with yourself (and also be yourself): Bloggers that are actively involved in the posts that they read!

B. Use Good Tag Words.

Sure, your poem might be about red balloons. But how many people are specifically searching for red balloons? Use general concept tags, too, like “poetry” or “love.” WordPress will actually provide for you the top tags currently being used. You can find it by clicking here. This tool can help you decide which top tags you want to use to best fit your blog. But remember, that is a list of tags people are using on WordPress, NOT what they are searching for. To get an idea of what people are searching for, check out Google Trends by clicking here.

C. Be Real.

Readers like when they can relate to what you’re writing. That’s one reason topics such as love and anxiety are so popular; they’re things that everybody goes through and feels. So write honestly about the things you are going through because, chances are, your readers are going through or have gone through the same thing.

My Final Word.

Most blogs don’t explode in popularity overnight. It takes consistent posting and patience. And don’t forget to follow these steps. My final word is this: Yes, you can make your own poetry blog and, with a little bit of work, it can really be great.

Photo by Kat J on Unsplash.

Having trouble finding inspiration? Click here to see what always inspires love poems for me.

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    1. Thanks, Sam Allen, I see you have your own poetry blog, as well. I completely missed that tip, but it’s a great one! Maybe if I get enough get additional tips from my fellow bloggers, I will update the post and include them in their own section.

      1. True, I often tell people they should try writing poetry if they have a lot of built up feelings inside. Enjoy your weekend, as well.

    1. Hi Ishra. First build your WordPress audience. The best way to do this is through using tags. What tags did you use in your last post?

    1. Yes, in fact, I’d say a lot of the people that “like” our posts from the reader didn’t actually even read it. Ya, the fox is having a good time, right?

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