Daydreaming | Short Poem No. 10

I’m sitting, daydreaming,

I miss her.

I’m lost in a moment,

But the moment’s not now.

Where is my mind when I try,

Try to live out my day?

I’m living in another place

And I don’t know why.

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She caught me by surprise;

No, I wasn’t looking for this.

But then she grabbed me with her eye

As we were glancing across the way.

Now I’m living in a hazy world,

I’m with my friends

But they know I’m not there.

There’s only one thing I can say.


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Photo by 90 jiang on Unsplash.

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    1. Thanks Lauren. This wasn’t meant to be a sad post. But that’s the thing about poetry: It can speak something different to everyone that reads it. Take Care.

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